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Nick Marino // DMC Performance Parts

Kerri MacPherson 

Andy Carr // Fabricator

Dan Rondeau //  Fabricator

Dan has been with Dennis since the day he opened DMC Racing. His fabrication skills and attention to detail make him an integral part of the DMC Racing machine. Dan’s father exposed him to hot rods at an early age prompting Dan to own several wicked fast street cars over the years. Racing cars and motocross has also taught Dan what it takes to win races, which he applies to everything he touches at DMC racing. Dan’s experience and skill set encompasses everything we do here at DMC Racing.

Dennis MacPherson //  Owner

As the shop owner and man who makes it all happen, Dennis MacPherson is the man responsible for creating and maintaining all things DMC Racing. Dennis’s normal duties here at the shop are anything but normal – he ensures that all of our projects happen on time and to his standard, which is what has helped DMC Racing become one of the most well-known and highly-regarded chassis shops in the world. Dennis and the DMC team have been fabricating cutting-edge machines for well over a decade, and as the brains behind the operation, much of his energy is spent ensuring the DMC way of life continues.