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Tommy Passalacqua

Tommy's beautiful white GT500 is in for 25.5 update.  You may remember Tommy's car from a few years back we had installed a 8.50 Cage. View 8.50 build here-- Tommy has had great success over the last few years becoming the fastest GT500 on the planet and far out doing the 8.50 cert.  We will be updating Tommy's car to 25.5 specs along with adding a carbon nose, dash, and a complete DMC bolt in 9" housing with rear suspension!



Michael Ziccardi- Plymouth Cuda

 This gorgeous Plymouth Cuda is the new pride & joy of Mike Ziccardi of Long Island, NY. Mike recently purchased this roller out of Canada and is having the guys turn this car into a twin turbo Hemi powered Outlaw 10.5 car.  Stay tuned for updates as we move along!

Big Daddy- Ford Mustang

 Big Daddy Dwayne Gutridge has dropped his award winning Mustang off to us for the guys to put the Drag Radial icon on a diet for the 2014 season. Upgrades include carbon fiber wheel tubs and interior, new doors, lexan, carbon deck lid, DMC Wicked Lite 9" Rear, & more.. Look for Dwyane this year lightened up and setting the bar with his alcohol powered SBF!

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Eddie Krawiec

Jim Coger

 NMRA Racer Jim Coger had been on the fine line of his 8.50 cert for the end of the 2013- with all his upgrades and plans for 2014 season he and his team decided it was time to get the chassis ready for some 7 second passes!  After a quick 25.5 update Jim was out for the NMRA MIR Race.  This first outing showed he and his team have what it takes to dominate the class.  Running a stout 8.14ET and impressive 171.01 MPH.

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Aaron Bates

Aaron is a new addition to the NMRA world and is stepping it up big time this year.  With the help of Mike Dez of Dez Racing, Aaron is putting together a car he can grow with, complete 25.2/25.3 chassis with all the goodies this car will have the best of the best!

Leo Giovanangelo


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DMC Water Crossovers

DMC's excited about our newly released water crossovers. Now available in Small Block Ford, Big Block Ford, Small Block Chevy, and Big Block Chevy!

Motorplate/Midplate Kits are in stock!

Motorplate and Midplates are in stock and ready to ship!

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DMC Racing's Wicked Light Housing

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Talal O Ben Eidan- Ford Mustang