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DMC Racing can do it all! We have a state of the art facility, experienced staff, and competition-crushing products to fulfill your racing program’s needs. With the depth of experience and knowledge at DMC Racing we can do any type of work that pertains to your racecar.


New Car Construction: DMC Racing specializes in building your new car with the latest technology in chassis design, up to date aerodynamics , and flawless easy-to-work-on power adder layout. Our team of talented builders creates state-of-the-art class-dominating machines on a daily basis. We can build your new car from the ground up, finish what someone else has started, or to any stage of construction necessary. Let our combined years of racing experience go to work for you and put you a car length ahead of your competition the first day out.


Updates: If you have a good car but it’s a little behind the times, bring it to the crew at DMC Racing and our team can bring your car up to DMC Racing’s race-winning standards. We can update your existing cage, provide components to correct factory geometry limitations, or even switch your power adder combination. We can do everything you need to put your car back on the leading edge of drag racing technology.


Parts & Equipment: DMC Racing can provide all of the new parts and racing equipment for your racing program. We design and build the “WICKED LITE” Suspension Series parts that are the lightest, strongest, race-proven suspension components available for your OEM suspension drag car. We also “cherry pick” the aftermarket industry for the best parts, parts we then use on our own and customers’ vehicles. Through racing and testing we find the parts that are good enough to be used by us and DMC Racing customers.


Power Adder installs: Do you want BOOST? DMC Racing specializes in clean, easy-to-work-on turbo and blower installs from street kits on your daily driver to our full fabricated custom designs. The shop has installed hundreds of blower and turbo combinations - let our experience work for you. Done one time…Done right.


Dyno tuning: DMC Motorsports Dyno can dyno-tune your combinations on site utilizing our 2000hp/200mph DynoJet rear-wheel dyno. Our tuning experts can tweak that last bit of performance out of your combination and or tune your engine for hassle-free performance daily driving. Call ahead to book dyno time at DMC Motorsports Dyno.


The Shop: With the depth of experience at DMC Racing we can do any type of work that pertains to your car. Our staff can provide any service necessary to make your car run, and run well! Highlighted shop services include: race car construction, data acquisition, race car and general automotive wiring, in house down-draft paint booth, gear changes, narrow rear housings, dyno tuning, chrome plating, custom exhaust, and more!


Repairs: If you had an unfortunate incident on the track, and need it repaired quickly, choose the expert team at DMC Racing to get you back on track. Our professional staff has over 100 years of combined experience; they can and will repair your chassis, fix or mount new body parts, inspect all the suspension components, and meticulously get your car back to competition ready status.